At Union Coach Services we are constantly investing in maintaining our fleet's average age low, which is the key to our competitive advantage. Our fleet ranges from mini-van to double-decker buses. We also have new, specially designed minibusses with special ramps for people with physical disabilities.

Finally, at the station of the company, there are specialized technicians for the proper operation and the necessary maintenance of the vehicles.

SERVICES on board

At Union Coach Services we always look to improve and enrich your experience during your journey with us. That's why in 2017 we created the ISLAND magazine (in English & German) in collaboration with Creta Media Lab. This magazine contains useful information and beautiful pictures of hundreds of "must-see" places that a passenger will likely want to visit during his stay on the island.

In 2018, we equipped all of our vehicles with WiFi devices. Now with free WiFi, all our passengers can surf the internet while on the bus.


Transportation of people with mobility difficulties has for many years been a service we provide with sensitivity and attention.

Understanding the comfort that your own wheelchair offers during transport, we securely and reliably ensure your transportation throughout Crete.

In 2018 our company bought two new mini buses, Mercedes Sprinter, which are equipped with a special electro-hydraulic ramp and have space to carry two (2) wheelchairs simultaneously and ten (10) escorts.


All our busses have a GPS system that collects real-time data on the geographic location of each bus, its speed, engine status, driver identity, driving behavior, its air conditioning status and cabin temperature in order to achieve ideal temperature with minimal energy footprint. In addition, there is a tablet installed on each bus so drivers can have instant contact with the office and vice versa. Finally, an "Intelligent Transport" system has been implemented to optimize the transport task, always focusing on the safety and comfort of travelers, while saving resources and decreasing energy footprint (tn CO 2 / km) every year. With this system, in 2015, our company managed to obtain an important distinction by winning the Excellence Award from the Intelligent Passenger Transport category in the "Transport and Logistic Awards 2015" competition


The maintenance of our buses is one of the most important aspects of our quality control, to which we pay close attention. For this reason, all vehicles pass the KTEO technical inspection, follow the manufacturer's maintenance rules and are inspected daily by our specialized staff in the private garage either on arrival when they park or in the morning before leaving. This guarantees a high level of reliability and security. Finally, all buses are cleaned regularly both internally and externally, when they arrive at the garage at the end of the day.